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Block pop up ads and dangerous ads with Java from displaying in your internet browser

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Adblock Plus lets you see only the content you want to see without hundreds of ads getting in the way. Website owners use ads as a way to make money. They get paid for the views that those ads bring in and for any purchases made through those ads. While you might not have a problem viewing some ads, you probably have a problem viewing ads that aren't relevant to the site. Who wants to see ads for diapers and baby products when reading movie reviews? With Adblock Plus, you can get freedom from those ads.

Online ads come in a variety of styles. One of the most annoying types is the blinking banner. Designers use bright lights and a blinking design to capture the attention of viewers. When that banner sits at the top of the page and constantly blinks, you can't pay attention to the content you want to read. Some websites even use scrolling ads that keep moving around the page when you're trying to watch a video or read an article. You'll even find ads with fake buttons that load another page when you try to close it. Adblock Plus features a unique design that blocks all those ads and turns the ad spaces into blank areas on the page.

Adblock Plus comes with a number of filters that let you decide what type of ads you want to block. You might want to keep ads that are relevant to the pages you view, the ads used by sites you want to support or basic ads that sit on one side of the page and don't disrupt your viewing. If you have a little more experience, you can even create your own filters and use those filters with the program.

When you find a site that you love that has a newsletter, you might find yourself subscribing to get some more information. Some website owners use their email newsletter as a way to make additional income. They might sell those addresses to a spam site or constantly send you links to ads and products they want to sell. With the new Adblock Plus, you have the option of blocking ads and links that come from those subscriptions.

As much as you want to support small website owners, you don't want to deal with bouncing, blinking and otherwise annoying ads online. Adblock Plus works with Firefox and other types of web browsers to block those ads and give you access only to the content that you want to view. Download the program onto your computer and get it up and running in just a few short minutes.


  • Easily block the ads that you might otherwise see online.
  • Lets you work with the filters that come with the program or create your own.
  • Block certain types of ads or block all ads.


  • Creating your own filters takes some time.
  • Doesn't always block ads found on websites from other countries.
  • Doesn't support all languages.

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